I’m glad to be sharing some behind the scenes (BTS) of what goes on in interviewer’s mind when planning an assessment script for a screening process. Omer Molad, the co-founder and CEO of Vervoe, an intelligent hiring platform that uncovers hidden talent through Talent Trials designed by leading industry experts, has given us some of the scoop.  With the growing pace of Technology in this age, companies are gradually dropping the traditional recruitment style and adopting more intelligent recruitment solutions tailored to meet their hiring needs. Regardless of the nature of the assessment you’re given, these five tips highlighted below will help you prepare adequately and give you the right perspective to approach your answers.

1. Interactive Video Recruitment. Interviewers always want to make sure a candidate can fit in well with the company and will enjoy working with other members of the team. They often test this by asking candidates to record a video and talk about something they’re proud of and something they wish they did better. Sticking to the STAR approach will be very helpful in this situation.

2. Practical Tasks. Interviewers like to be sure that you truly possess the skills written in your CV and can perform the tasks required on the job. This is often tested by asking candidates to perform some of the most important tasks for the job, which can range from things like data manipulation on Microsoft Excel, coding, report writing etc, which gives the candidates an opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

3. Habit Watching. This often comes in form of multiple choice questions, where there are no right or wrong answers. This can be sometimes tricky, but essentially, the interviewer is in search of a pattern that most likely fits a habit important to the position you have applied for. Patterns are easy to spot.

4. The Motivation Card. Every interviewer wants to be sure that the push behind the door is for the right reason aka your motivation, be it financial reward, job satisfaction, career change, you name it. The important thing here is that your motivation is for the right reasons, which can sometimes be hard to judge yes?!

5.  Communication. Let’s be honest, communication is a key part of this adult life we were tricked into. It’s not just what you say but how you say. This isn’t like those long essays you write in college/university, it’s the little things like the use of grammar, typographical errors, attention to detail, ability to follow instruction. You’ll be surprised how many people simply don’t do what was asked of them. After all said and done, make sure dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Experienced any of these recently? How did you approach your answer or how do you feel about a certain recruitment style? Keen to learn more about pre-employment assessment, skill testing and interviewing from an expert’s standpoint? Head over to Vervoe and thank me later (hehe).

This article was originally published on Vervoe