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Continuing on from the Inspire Me series, I’ll be sharing Shay’s journey into the world of technology as a female working in IT sales, which led her to start Tech is the new pink, where she creates simple excel tutorials and hacks for the everyday excel user.

As someone who is daily learning to do things outside of my comfort zone, I particularly love Shay’s decision to venture out of her comfort zone. Firstly, choosing to go to University in a different state (Arizona, USA) and then studying abroad in Paris, France. In her own words ‘I think every millennial should acquire Emotional Intelligence, it’s a topic no one really discusses and it’s so beneficial to yourself as well as others’. I couldn’t agree with her anymore and although I haven’t read the book she suggested, I’ve definitely got that on my list.  


If you still haven’t grabbed your cup of tea or coffee by now, it’s time to do and find out about the interesting culture difference experience in Paris and how Shay managed to transition from school-to-work life. Feel free to follow Shay on Instagram here and download her free tutorials.

A bit about your background and what led to your current career as a woman in Tech + starting ‘Tech is the New Pink’

Well, I grew up in the beautiful Orange County, CA and currently still reside there. While I was attending Jr. College at Orange Coast College, I made the decision to study abroad in Paris, France. Being able to live this experience completely changed my outlook on life. I realised that I lived in a small bubble and I needed to get out and see the world. This led me to my next decision of attending college at Arizona State University. It was my first step to venturing out of my comfort zone. To many of you, this may not seem drastic, but for me, it was! My body was not ready for the 48 °C weather that I stepped into. Anyways! At ASU, this is where I discovered my love of technology. I graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems being one of the only females in my graduating class. This was an eye-opener! Looking back, I didn’t realize how impactful that was until now. That path has brought me here, and to the creation of Tech is the New Pink.

What do people think you do vs. what you actually do

People assume I’m a software developer because I have a tech-related Instagram account. I’m not a developer, even though I did my fair share of coding in college. I actually work in IT Sales, I’m more behind the scenes working with financial service companies to help build their infrastructures, data centres, and all the related components.

What inspired you to study abroad in Paris, France? The good and bad about living and working abroad and one major culture difference/shock

Great question! I honestly cannot pinpoint specifically what inspired me to study abroad in Paris, France but I can remember needing a change in my life. My grandma is also from France, so it seemed like the perfect place to go! While I was there, I attended the University of Paris, the Sorbonne and took French and French Culture courses. It was an incredible experience to be able breath Parisian air, eat fresh banquettes, and drink espresso. This was also my first experience with public transportation, which led me to use public transportation more often in the US. I would say I experienced all good things. The only difficultly that I faced was the language barrier. I was learning French while I was there but was not confident in my ability to speak French in public. One major culture shock was dining in Paris. Do not expect great customer service hah. The French are on their own time! Expect to be sitting at your table for hours before the waiter comes by again. Also, no ice! Can you imagine ordering an iced coffee and they hand it to you room temperature? I’m sure the look on my face was priceless. 

Tips for transitioning from school to work phase

I’ve had a job since I was 14 so I don’t believe the transition from school-to-work was difficult. I worked for most of my college career. What I can say is that my transition from retail to a corporate job was uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to the structure of a 9-5 job even though that was what I craved being in retail. Office politics were also a challenge for me. With my first corporate role, I worked for a start-up company which felt like I was reliving high school all over again. I made the mistake of getting involved in the “drama” and my work environment become very hostile. My advice: Stay out of it.

One skill every millennial should acquire

I currently live in my native country but the one skill I think every millennial should acquire is emotional intelligence. This is so very important, and it seems that a lot of people lack this ability. One book I recommend reading is “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Travis Bradberry. My previous boss and COO of the company gave this book to read. It was a topic no one really discusses and it’s so beneficial to yourself as well as others. Being able to manage your emotions and remain empathic to those around you will get you so far.

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Word of the Day: Emotional Intelligence

Meaning: The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

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