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Inspire Me: From California to Paris and back Ft. Shay of Tech is the new pink

As someone who is daily learning to do things outside of my comfort zone, I particularly love Shay’s decision to venture out of her comfort zone. Firstly, choosing to go to University in a different state (Arizona, USA) and then studying abroad in Paris, France. In her own words ‘I think every millennial should acquire Emotional Intelligence, it’s a topic no one really discusses and it’s so beneficial to yourself as well as others’. I couldn’t agree with her anymore and although I haven’t read the book she suggested, I’ve definitely got that on my list.
From Canada to England

Inspire Me: From Canada to England Ft. Laura Morrison of Lazy Girl Manifesto

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Laura and she happily shared her journey around pursuing her Master’s degree in Wales, starting out a content writing job before taking on the entirety of a digital marketing role and then her blog. I love how honest Laura was about the transition from student to professional life and the importance of embracing a resilient attitude through it all. In her own words ‘You’re going to get so many doors slammed in your face while looking for a job and that’s super normal and not a reflection of you. Ask for feedback from interviewers and find out how you can improve going forward and most importantly, Don’t Give Up’

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